What You Should Know About Good Mixed Drinks

For a lot of occasions, making good mixed drinks for your guests is a real treat. You may be planning to have a romantic dinner in your house and impress your partner; or you may be hosting a party at home with your family and friends. During these times, it is a must to serve them mixed drinks that will make them ask for more and will make every single occasion more unforgettable.

While bartenders seem to make it so simple, you need to have some skill to make good mixed drinks. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Know the basics. Good mixed drinks contain one or more of the five popular alcoholic drinks namely vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whiskey. They are combined with mixers like orange juice, coke, etc. They are served 'on the rocks' (poured over ice inside a glass) or 'straight up' (without ice).

It is important to be certain that you have a wide variety of mixers to offer a broad selection of drinks to your guests. Mixers such as 7-Up, Coke/Pepsi, lime juice, orange juce, lemon juice, Red Bull as well as sweet and sour can provide almost limitless choices of beverages you can make. It's also a good idea to stock oranges, limes and fresh lemons in your home.

Once you have your mixers and drinks, you are one step closer to showcasing your bartending act! You just have to prepare your jigger for measuring the liquids, your shaker for mixing your drinks and tons of ice. Many drinks are better-tasting when they are chilled so when you mix your drinks, your shaker must be filled with ice, mix your liquids then pour them into the glass with ice, too.

So now that you already know the basics and you have prepared all the things you need, you just need to get good recipes of the best drinks out there. Just simply search for them online and you'll be surprised with the tons of results you will get. These good mixed drinks recipes you can find on the Internet detail their contents and ingredients. So you can actually come up with your own list of mixed drinks that you can prepare every time there's an occasion or celebration in your house.

Practice your skills on bartending, put decorations and use unique drinking glasses to make it more fun and exciting, not just for you but for your guests as well!

Buying Pre-Mixed Drinks

Now, if you don't want to stress yourself preparing all these good mixed drinks or you have no time to make them because of your busy schedule, you can always find pre-mixed drinks available in the market today.

You can go to a local liquor store and you'll see pre-mixed Daiquiris, Margaritas and many other mixed cocktails that are conveniently stored inside a bottle. The majority of them don't even need another liquor bottle because it's all contained inside.

These pre-mixed drinks are actually so enticing to buy due to the ease and convenience they offer aside from the fact that they really taste great. However, you need to be careful when buying these ready-made good mixed drinks to make sure that you will get only the quality ones. Here are some shopping tips to guide you when buying your pre-mixed cocktails:

Don't look at the price alone. It's so tempting to buy the cheapest ones you'll find but do not take for granted the quality of the drink. If there's only a difference of $5, for instance, then buy it and be grateful for choosing a better tasting beverage.

Check the alcohol's label. You can find pre-mixed drinks that have deceiving labels about whether they contain liquor or not. There are some that only contain the mixer and you're the one to mix it with a base spirit.

Most frequently, if the product already contains liquor, it will be clearly stated on the label. But it's so disappointing once you discover that they're just lying! So it's very important to select the brands with a great reputation. Pick a trustworthy name or those that are recommended by your friends. This is the best way to make sure that you will get your money's worth when buying good mixed drinks.